SQL Server Fail-over Setup Part-4

Installation of SQL Server Failover Cluster on Node 1 Step 1: To install the SQL server on mount the ISO of SQL server and double click on it. Below page will open select the Installation and click on New SQL Server fail-over cluster installation. Step 2: In this screen enter the product key (if you […]

SQL Server Fail-over Setup Part-3

Installation of Fail-over Clustering To installation of clustering services, open the server manager, go to manage to add roles and features Click on Add Roles and Features, A screen will open click on next button four times, select Failover Clustering, click on Add features, and then click on next button. Click on install button, and […]

SQL Server Fail-over Setup Part-2

Adding iSCSI Disk on Nodes When we click on iSCSI Initiator it will ask to start the service click on ok button. Once we click on ok button a window will open as shown below, go to tab Discovery, click on Discover Portal, type the IP address of the Storage Server (in our case […]

SQL Server Fail-over Setup Part-1

Prerequisite for SQL Server Fail-over Setup There are some steps for Failover clustering before implementing SQL Server clustering. Creation of Storage Server For storage server node storage server should be ready with Windows Server 2016. And this should be member of the domain server. Follow the below steps to create storage disk for clustering: Open […]