What is FTP?

FTP server is inbuilt component of Windows Server that facilitates to transfer the files from one system to another. We can use this service to upload the files to server from local system and download the files from server to local system.

The file transfer protocol is a way to connect two computers to one another in the safest possible way to help transfer files between two or more points.

User Account for FTP

To create FTP account press Windows+R

Type compmgmt.msc as shown in picture and click on ok

Now expand the local users and Groups, click on users, in center pane right click and select New User Type the user name (ftpuser) and in password section type the password in complex mode and confirm password, uncheck the user must change password at next logon and then click on create button.

Creation of FTP Folder

To create the FTP folder open my computer go to C drive (in our case, you can also select other drive if available in computer).Open the C drive, Right Click and select New Folder, name it FTP Folder as shown in picture. Now right click on FTP Folder and go to properties, select the security tab, click on Edit button, and then click on Add button.

In this steps type the name of FTP user (ftpuser) and click on Check Names, user will be available here and then click on ok

After clicking on ok button select the Full Control check box to give full permission to users for this FTP folder, and then click apply and ok button two times.

Installation of FTP

For the installation of FTP Server see below steps, If Web Server/FTP is already installed then ignores these steps.

Open the Server Manager click on manage and select Add Roles and Features, a windows will open review the content and click on Next Button three times.

In this windows select Web Server, click on add features and then click on next button three times.

Now in this step select the FTP Server and then click on Next button.

In this steps click on install button for the installation of FTP Server.

Once the installation completes click on close button to close this windows.

Now the FTP installation has completed.


Configuration of FTP

To start the FTP configuration follow the below steps:

Open the Server Manager and click on Tools select the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

Now click on arrow button to expand the server manager, Right click on Sites and then click on Add FTP Site

In this step type the Name of FTP site (In our case FTP), browse the physical path of FTP folder that was created in previous steps and then click on Next Button

In this screen select No SSL (if you have SSL certificate for FTP then select SSL certificate) and click on Next Button

In this step select Authentication Basic, select Specified users and type the name of FTP user (ftpuser) created in previous steps, select Read and Write to give permission to user and then click on Finish Button.

Open FTP port in Windows Firewall

For FTP access we need to open port 21 in windows firewall so that FTP services can be available from outside. To complete follow below steps to open the port 21 in windows firewall.

Open the Control Panel, double click on Windows firewall and then click on Advanced Settings

In this steps click on Inbound Rules then in right side in Actions pane click on New Rule

In this window screen select the Port option and click on Next button

In this screen make sure that TCP is selected, type the port 21 in Specified Local Ports and then click on Next button three times ( third step make sure Domain, Private and Public is selected)

In this screen type Service name FTP Service and click on finish Button. Now the FTP port has been open at Firewall.

Test Connection

Once the FTP service has been configured, we need to check the connection whether it is working or not.

To check the connection, File Zilla client should be installed in your system (Local System). If not then download and install the File Zilla or Win SCP and then try to connect as shown in below steps:

Open the File Zilla, click on file and then Site manager

In this screen type the IP address of host select the Only use plain FTP (insecure) from Encryption dropdown, enter the User name and password as shown in picture and then click on connect button.

After clicking on connect button you will see the screen like below. It means FTP has been connected. Now you can select the files or folder from system (in left side), right click on it and upload the file or folder to server.



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